We believe that it is the responsibility of each business to strengthen the community they serve. To this end, ONE 2 ONE has created the #one2onegives social engagement project. This evolving campaign features various ways ONE 2 ONE is reaching out with your help to raise awareness for local charities and non-profits who benefit our community.

Originally launched in 2016, #one2onegives peppered the Lancaster business community with ONE 2 ONE branded T-Shirts and challenged participants to post pictures of themselves wearing the shirts, give a shout out to their favorite charity, and include the hashtag #one2onegives. The charity with the most mentions on social media won a donation equal to the number of total entries during the contest.

That kick-off contest has come and gone, but those shirts are still out there and we have more fun ways to participate planned! Follow us on our social media pages for updates on the next #one2onegives contest and your favorite charity could be the next to win!


Take a look at some other recent ways that ONE 2 ONE has been giving back to our community: