Part of the ONE 2 ONE Mission is to “empower through education.” We are passionate about technology and using it to help people grow their business. You need a trusted resource to help you learn about what’s out there and how you could use it to become more efficient, more mobile, and save money.

So with that in mind, we’d like to invite you attend one of our upcoming free educational events hosted by ONE 2 ONE. Not able to make it here in person? That’s ok, we try to hold both in person and online events as often as we can so there will always be a way for you to learn something new! Take a look at the different types of events we offer:


– an educational event typically hosted at the ONE 2 ONE corporate office


– an educational event hosted online by ONE 2 ONE


– an event with the goal of connecting with and giving back to the Lancaster community


– a social event typically hosted at the ONE 2 ONE corporate office

Events Calendar

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8:00am – 10:15am EST
Calling All Financial Leaders (Repeat)
Is your technology a roller-coaster? Understand how to create an IT budget that sticks, maximize your internal resources, and execute those projects on your back-burner!

Using your technology budget as a guide, learn how to successfully implement those projects that may be on hold and discover the outcomes of maintaining cutting-edge technology. We’ll examine ROI in terms of efficiency, staffing growth, production costs – and more!

This is the same seminar we are giving at the Lancaster Chamber on 9/15 (provided for those who cannot make it to the first presentation). Breakfast provided.
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10:00 – 10:30am EST
Security Best Practices
More Details to come.
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8:30am – 10:30am EST
Details Coming Soon

This is a Professional Development Friday seminar hosted at the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce and Industry in downtown Lancaster, PA
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