A look at Office 2016 for Mac

Office 2016 for Mac
Image credit: Microsoft

Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac recently became available to Office 365 subscribers. We took a look at the new and improved office suite to succeed Office 2011 for Mac and checked out the main features.

Right off the bat, you can tell that the interface was better adapted for the Mac. Windows users will easily recognize the standard Office Ribbon interface, but Mac users will also appreciate it’s sleek and modern look which is a huge improvement over the dated and clunky look of 2011.

Office 2016 for Mac includes 5 standard apps as part of the suite: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote. All of the apps have been improved for this latest build, but one of the most notable features is the collaboration ability. Users can work on documents simultaneously and add threaded comments to in those documents to track and discuss the work.

PowerPoint comes with some nifty features of its own, such as a presenter view which shows speaker notes, the next slide, and a timer which are only visible on the presenter’s screen.

OneNote is something totally new for Mac Office users. Apple users who have used an app called Evernote will find the Office notebook tool very familiar. OneNote allows you to track images, webpages, and even handwritten notes in a tabbed interface, also allowing you to share your notes with others.

Playing around in Office 2016 for Mac, we found the look and feel to be almost identical to the familiar Office suite on Windows – which is huge for a user of both Mac and Windows. The interface is snappy and doesn’t look out of place amongst other Mac apps.

All-in-all this latest release is long overdue for Mac users, but the improvements are very nice. With Office being so relied upon, especially in business, it’s about time Microsoft did aim some focus at the Mac community. Microsoft is planning to update Office for Mac once per quarter for Office 365 customers, so hopefully the improvements just keep coming.

Don’t have/want Office 365? Office 2016 for Mac will be released as a standalone install available for purchase in September according to Microsoft.