Business Workflow

Are you trying to grow your business or trying release a new product or service, but find yourself struggling to create the procedures and processes to make it happen within your existing business framework? Many of us who run businesses see solutions and tools that can help alleviate the problems that we have, but struggle to implement them in a timely and efficient manner.

Often we find when businesses are growing and at the same time trying to release a new product or service, they struggle with understanding how to effectively use technology to manage this new part of their business. Clients often ask us, “How can I mobilize my sales people so they can quote the job quickly onsite?” and “How can I integrate my current systems with my new initiatives so there aren’t so many manual processes?

To address these concerns, ONE 2 ONE has created a service called “Client Business Review, Growth and Analysis.” This process can be used to analyze many different situations and has been widely successful for evaluating teams, workflow and services within companies, while providing action planning to the next steps of resolution.

This process is easy and painless. It allows the ONE 2 ONE Team to complete our four step process and provide you an excellent road map for driving your initiatives forward and achieving your goals.

Step 1:

The ONE 2 ONE Team will schedule to meet with up to (2) C-level executive members and (1) key manager to review and discuss the current struggles, concerns and issues. ONE 2 ONE will also work with various staff members to review and discuss concerns in their part of the process. This phase is non-intrusive. We listen in order to understand where your pains are what you are working to accomplish.

Step 2:

Now it’s time for ONE 2 ONE’s Team to learn how you run your business and discover what tools you use to measure your business metrics. If the correct tools are not in place, we strive to understand will help your business accomplish your goals. We will review your processes: basic sales, quoting, contracting, purchasing, invoicing, ordering, receiving, billing, production and delivery. We are not looking at the details of how you accomplish these tasks at this point, but rather at your business workflow and what technologies you use to accomplish your goals. During this phase, we determine where you can improve your processes and tools.

Step 3:

ONE 2 ONE’s Team will now review the hardware and software aspects of running your business. We document what you have and how it is used, while also evaluating your recurring expenditures and how it is all connected. When finished, we will have a complete audit of your systems and an understanding of how they currently operate. This step is crucial to building the final stages of how you can become more efficient and what tools are needed to make that happen.

Step 4:

In this final stage of the process, ONE 2 ONE will analyze your problems and concerns, look at the data gathered and start to outline solutions. We will contact appropriate vendors, service providers and other groups we determine will add to the successful adoption of a strategic action plan. When completed, ONE 2 ONE will be onsite to provide a full presentation of our findings and action plan. We will provide you with a written document outlining that plan, including implementation costs, expenditure reductions, and steps to start alleviating your pain points and arriving at a successful end goal.