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Business Development
1. Is your business required to meet compliance regulations?
2. Do you have a disaster recovery plan in place?
3. Can you briefly describe the IT equipment your business uses, including software and hardware?

IT Management
1. Do you currently have insurance to replace your IT hardware and software if fire or theft occurs?
2. Do you restrict access to your server hardware?
3. Do you have a current network diagram of your IT technology?
4. How do you backup data?
5. Is the data taken offsite?
6. How often do you complete recoverable data backups of your crucial company data?
7. Do you have all workstations and servers set to automatically lock their screens when users step away?
8. Do you regularly check the event logs and security logs on all of your servers, network hardware, firewalls, and PCs?

Risk Management
1. Do you have a single employee who handles all of your IT?
2. Do you have confidential files (both physical and electronic) under restricted access?
3. Do you have a written continuity plan for disaster management?
4. Do new employees sign an agreement to follow your company's confidentiality and security standards for handling customer information?
5. Do you have security cameras?
6. Do you have a DVR unit for storing security camera video?
7. Is the stored DVR video data sent offsite?
8. Do you have sprinkler systems in your facility?
9. Are sprinklers removed in the technology rooms?
10. Do you have another form of fire protection in the technology rooms?
11. Do you have a procedure to follow after an employee termination that secures your crucial network data?
12. Do you allow users to take data offsite via USB memory sticks and work on it on their home computers?

Workflow Management
1. Are work processes defined and developed?
2. Does each employee receive a written explanation of their job description?
3. Is an official company handbook written?
4. Is all documentation consistent?
5. What would it cost your organization per hour if your IT technology was not up and running?

Sales Life Cycle
1. Is your marketing consistent with your website ads, sales materials, or phone on-hold messages?
2. Does your website accurately support your company's goals?
3. Are your current phone systems sufficient for your business?
a. Can your customers reach you?
b. Does your sales staff get every important call?
c. Does the system professionally represent your business?

Business Planning
1. Do you have a written business goal for your company?
2. Do you have a plan in place to attain your business goals?
3. Does your business plan include technology needs?
4. How long could you operate without your technology?